How do you become a pro at poker? Before diving into such a profound question lets go through the ABC poker basics first.

What is online poker?

Online poker is now one of the most played uk casino games online largely due to the leaps in technology and gameplay provided by casinos. Poker, being a casino game of luck, strategy and skill are open to poker schools, poker software and poker tools.

online poker

To play online poker you will visit either a website, like PokerStars or a downloadable mobile app, like the Sky Poker app. It basically means you can use a tablet, pc or mobile phone anywhere and play a vast array of poker games.

Some casinos are dedicated to poker while others have poker as one of their casino games. There is also live poker, where you get to see your opponents face to face.

Online poker deposit

To play poker online you are required to deposit money into a player account. The good news is nowadays there are many methods by which you can deposit money. Casino depositing methods include PayPal, Skrill, debit cards like visa and credit cards like Mastercard or even direct bank transfers. Online casinos very rarely charge for deposits or withdrawals. If they do, go elsewhere!

Online poker deposit

Online poker games

There are a significant number of online casino games available. Everything from the always popular Texas Hold’em Poker to more esoteric Cadillac poker. There are live poker tables and even online poker tournaments are a great way to start with a low amount of money and win a huge prize. In tournaments when you lose your chips you are out of a tournament, and you play until the “last man standing”.

Online poker games

Cash games are popular as well. Here you will use chips that have an actual value. This is a combination of old and new and highly appealing type of poker among experts. These games are also known as ring games.

How to be a pro at poker?

If you play poker as a beginner its mostly for fun with the occasional win to keep you interested, but if you chose poker as a full-time job there is the chance to earn (and lose) serious money. If being a pro at poker is more attractive to you, then read on…

Poker tip – study poker

The most crucial tip is to study like you are a beginner, even when you are not. Be hungry for knowledge. Obviously, you need to know the game before playing; as you get better and better, so you become ready for more complicated strategies.

Poker is 99% knowledge and 1% luck.

To be a poker pro, you need to read a lot of books, practice and watch the masters.

Poker tip – be patient

Poker tip

Winning at poker takes a lot of patients. There will be times you will play for hours win nothing. If you start to push the game and make silly mistakes you’ll like lose. Playing poker doesn’t come with a magic formula, you will have to invest time to wait for the right moment to pounce and win.

Poker tip – use a second bank account

You are now treating poker like a business; like any business it has its own business bank account. All the winning, losses and expenses should be segregated into this one account. In this account its also import to keep 6 months of money thinking there will be no income at all.

Poker tip – act like a pro

Do you think professional poker players play from the sofa or bedroom while watching television? Poker players have a separate working space where they can focus. tt is up to you as to whether its a separate office or just a desk, whats important is that its the place where you focus on your new career.

This isn’t a full list of the “how to be a poker pro” tips, its just the start. Like your new poker playing career there is more to be learnt. We will added to this post in the coming weeks.



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