Have you ever played Blackjack online or at a land casino and think how perfect would it be if you could exchange your cards with those from your previous hand? Do not worry, this thought has come to mind, since it would often be the perfect move that would take us out of the difficult position. The same thought was probably the gambler Geoff Hall, when he created the Blackjack Switch.

The Blackjack Switch is a remarkably new version of Blackjack ‘s classic game , in which players play with two hands while they can swap at the beginning one of the two cards between them. It’s a great fun online gaming experience, which you will meet on most online gambling platforms and we would strongly suggest that you try it. Below, you will find general information about the short story of the game, as well as a detailed presentation of the rules and basic strategy you can apply.

Pontoon Blackjack game rules

In this article we will refer to Australian Pontoon rules, since the British is almost identical to the American version of Blackjack. As in the traditional game, the player’s aim is to have cards with a total value higher than that of the Dealer’s cards, as close as 21 to the other, but without exceeding it. Each hand consisting of an ace and a 10-point card (ie the jacks, the queen and the strip or otherwise the figures) is 21 and is called the pontoon. An important rule that you should not forget is that the player’s 21 or pontoon always wins the Dealer’s 21 or pontoon.

History of the Blackjack Switch

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Blackjack Switch is one of the newest variants of the classic game. In particular, this unique game was thought by Geoff Hall, a gambling player who played the cards at the Las Vegas casinos and had anger because he had always been handed out with weak hands, which would be greatly improved if he could exchange the cards with each other. So he thought of the Blackjack Switch, in which players take two hands at the beginning of the game and can swap the two top cards to each other. In autumn 2000 he presented the game at a conference in Las Vegas and by February 2001, he had already settled in the first casino. With some changes to the name and mode of play.



liginpaul · 12/08/2017 at 06:49

I always have many doubts while playing the game o i have failed to win many times. But after reading this surely i am going win all the games.

Victor · 10/09/2017 at 12:52

Here I learned how to play Blackjack Switch… It is a wonderful game.. I think you all should try it..

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