What a blackjack cheat sheet?

You can think of a blackjack cheat sheet like on a graphics where you can see the possible combinations of your and a dealer’s hand. Each combination requires from you a specific task, so you can decrease the dealer’s odds and increase your blackjack odds. Blackjack sheat sheets are far from a new thing and have been used by the professional gambler for years. Here AH Games will help you understand the matter in detail.

Blackjack strategy cheat sheet

This strategy is, and it can make a huge difference. Of course, before anything else, you will have to know some basic blackjack terms. At this point, it is essential to learn the terms mentioned below, without them, understanding a cheat sheet will be far more difficult. So lets start with the basics.

Blackjack terms

Soft hand- this is the first term here. It refers to a card combination in which you have an ace. Because the value of this card could be 1 or 11, it is impossible to break the limit or exceed 21. For example, if you have a card with a value of 2 (A2), and an ace, the total value can be 13 or 3. You can see cards up to A9 which will appear in the sheets as well. The number refers to the card value.

Hard hand- This is the combination where you have two cards excluding ace. So if you have 10 and 7, you will have a total value of 17 and is known as hard 17. This also means that breaking is more possible and drawing is riskier than in the first case scenario.

Hit- The term refers to when you will take another card. This is possible only after the dealer shows their card.

Stand – You have a perfect or a suitable card combination, and you don’t need another card.

Double down – it merely means that you will increase your initial wager by two times. Of course, this isn’t always allowed, so there are a few possible situations. You will be able to use it when you have hard 10 or hard 11. Also, this won’t be possible if a dealer has 10 or an ace.

How to win at blackjack cheat sheet

Always split aces and 88 strategy.  As you can see in blackjack cheat sheet, a pair of aces should be divided. The overall value is 12 which isn’t very good. When you split it, you have better odds. The next thing to know is that a pair of 8’s should be processed in the same way. The overall value of her is 16 which is known as the worst possible value. When you split, you will be able to hit 9 or 10 or 17 or 18 which is all the better than 8s.

You will need some time to get a better idea of how and why this strategy works perfectly. Don’t forget that professionals have used it for an extended period, if they use it, why don;t you!


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